TOP 10 (Digital) Health Conferences (until now)

One of the best perks of having been in the field of healthcare IT for over 15 years is the opportunity to watch the evolution of healthcare first hand. From ground breaking health tech innovations to digital health trend tracking, we obtain our insight from healthcare events we attend throughout the year such as conferences, summits, expos and festivals nationwide. We love being inspired and at these events we get to meet a lot of really passionate individuals, hear innovative ideas and disruptive projects. We also get to contribute to the changes happening throughout the healthcare industry.

Over the years Vicert has attended too many conferences to count, which is why we finally compiled a list of our Top 20 Health Conferences of 2017. Of course some events are better than others, but keep in mind this an insider view of events with a focus on digital health. Expect our comments, tips and general info about the event as you read our first 10 picks for 2017.

1. J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

This is one of the largest and most informative healthcare conferences that brings together industry leaders, fast-growth companies and members in the investment community.

Fun Fact: This conference began in 1983 by H&Q and it was like that until they were acquired by Chase in 2000, and a year later Chase was acquired by J.P. Morgan.

There are hundreds of companies that present, from start-ups to those that are worth more than $300 billion in market cap. This conference encompasses the global healthcare landscape, and everyone can find something in their zone of interest. It was a really great way to start the year with this conference. However, it may be hard to get in for new companies, or CEO’s without a strong network. We combined JPM with Wintertech – since we are really big fans of the Health 2.0 crew and their events. They put a special focus on the startup community which we especially like to support.  

2. HIMSS17 (Orlando, Florida)

“HIMSS is the health IT conference – where professionals from around the world connect to gain the education, innovation and collaboration they need to continue to transform  health and healthcare through IT.”

HIMMS was a hit again this year and overall a great and overwhelming experience for us. We honestly have a feeling they are growing bigger each year (you can get lost on the exhibit floor).  HIMSS has always one of our favorite conferences where we have the chance to see cutting-edge products and solutions firsthand. It is a huge event (one of the biggest events in the industry) and many senior level positions attend – so if you wish to approach C-level execs we would suggest a different more intimate event from the pool of HIMSS events.

At HIMSS we were eager to hangout and meet as many people as we could, so we decided to spend as much time as we could on the floor. When we needed our daily dose of caffeine we went to Gary Sain Cafe, right above Hall C.

HIMSS Features: over 1,200+ companies, hundreds of programs, and almost endless networking events. (Love for the #pinksocks tribe and the pub event they organized!)


3. Stanford MedX (Palo Alto, California)

Stanford MedicineX offers something for everyone. The conference they hosted in Spring of this year focused on the future of patient centered medical education. Later this year they are hosting another conference focused on healthcare innovation, patient engagement and emerging technologies.

Healthcare events held at Stanford are ones we make sure not to miss. Their conferences gather interesting people and we always seem to have the most inspiring conversations on this campus. Medicine X is one of the finest conferences on the West Coast, so if you are interested in innovative ways of reimagining digital health and the future of healthcare this is the place to be.

What we love about their events is the large speakers list and the opportunity to plan ahead of time because it is so well organized. This is an event where you really want to hear what every single speaker has to say  – so make sure to create your personalized agenda beforehand.

4. HTF Innovation (Palo Alto, California)

HTF stands true to its name: Health Technology Forum. The time that we spent there was filled with high quality networking and lectures that led us to meet some of the speakers with whom we have established amazing collaborations.

HTF is sponsored by a lot of companies that are leaders in their respective fields – which adds significant value to the conference itself. If you are into next generation technology and innovative solutions then this is an event that you absolutely must visit! PLUS, we didn’t want to miss a healthcare event held right in our neighborhood.

5. AHIP Institute & Expo (Austin, Tx)

We traveled to Texas with high expectations and were not let down when we arrived. The conference statistics and amount of attendees/speakers/exhibitors tells us that the saying about everything being bigger in Texas is in fact true. Broken down, the attendees are: 20% senior leadership, 11% C-suite and 62% decision makers. There are close to 200 speakers that present over a broad area of different, but still related topics, and more than 800 organizations that attend and/or sponsor the expo.

Overall it turned out to be one of the biggest and best conferences we have attended and we recommend it to anyone looking to reimagine healthcare and establish smart partnerships.

6. AAMI (Austin, Tx)

To be quite honest, there was not much for us at this conference. Not because it was a bad conference, but because we were already over booked with meetings from AHIP. This year both AHIP & AMMI were held at the Austin Convention Center and it’s too bad that they were scheduled back to back. One thing we can say is that this conference is more closely connected to the advances in medical equipment.

This conference is targeted towards biomedical technicians, clinical engineers, healthcare and hospital IT specialties. More than 2,500 decision makers and influencers from around the globe attend this event. It has a lot of exhibitors, and there are a bunch of demonstrations of the medical equipment and devices at the event.

7. HxRefactored (Cambridge, MA)

HxRefactored applies design, science, evidence, and theory to re-imagine the entire health journey and find new ways to actually deliver that vision.

This conference was organized by our two friends, Mad*Pow & Health 2.0. It brings together almost 500 multidisciplinary thinkers into one space and was one of our 2017 favorites. If you wish to network at the event, it has a great android app that is available on Google play that makes it super easy to connect with people of interest to you. This was the seventh year it was held, and since then all Health 2.0 conferences have been acquired by HIMSS, so we are expecting even bigger and better events next year.

8. AI in Healthcare Summit 2017 (San Francisco, Ca)

As you may already know we are one of IBM’s premier partners. When we began to dive deeper into learning their technologies, we became more and more curious about AI in Healthcare. For us, this summit was one of those small events that may be good, but then again you never know. Without any insight we followed our hunch and it turned out to be pretty successful.
Health in the Cloud
There is not a huge list of speakers, nor thousands of visitors, but this is an event that will let you broaden your horizons when it comes to AI in healthcare. Not to mention you are going to have some conversations with like minded people. Honestly we don’t know what the future holds for this event, but we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.
We had the chance to organize an intimate event “Health in the Cloud,” which we held for our clients and partners together with IBM. The topic of discussion was the current state of the healthcare AI industry, with use cases in healthcare and a demo on how to setup your very own chatbot in less than 10 mins.

9. Health: Further 2017 (Nashville, Tn)

Only one word can describe our reaction to this festival – WOW! The program begins in the Country Music Hall of Fame with the rest of the festival held in Music City Center. This conference is one we truly enjoyed during the day all the way through the night. There are a lot of high-quality speakers with interesting topics, a great agenda that is put together by the organizators, a pretty cool google app that makes networking easier and of course wonderful music (it is held in Nashville after all). This combination makes this festival experience enjoyable on so many levels.

Out of all the conferences, this is the one that really moves health further with its speakers, sponsors, and start-ups. If you do decide to attend the festival, you will have the chance to connect with enterprises that you may eventually end up partnering with in tech and business development. If you are an entrepreneur just starting out, it is also a great opportunity to meet others like you, grow your network and receive guidance from the mentor community. We choose to take all of our meetings to Bongo Java, so if you are looking for a quiet spot to meet your partner, prospect or friend we highly recommend this coffee shop.

10. Connected Health Summit (San Diego, Ca)

Our Director of Engagements represented us at the Connected Health Summit this year and had quite a few productive meetings. In general there are a good amount of speakers whose topics range from Business Strategy and Patient Experience to Innovations and Business Models. They let you choose the talks you are interested in attending which promotes a productive team sharing of ideas with people in that industry. We are almost certain we will be returning next year.

HINT: We held all the meetings away from the noisy crowded hallways to the Starbucks located inside the venue itself.


Author: Digital Health Team
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