June 15, 2017

Summer in the Clouds

This summer all the tech buzzwords will hijack the digital health space. AI, chatbots, machine learning, blockchain, cloud platforms, and different digital health solutions are successfully being integrated into health tech processes and have solidified the support needed to enable the digital health revolution. For us, it all started during HIMSS earlier this year, when we met with IBM and established a premier partnership. Since then we have been busy implementing the Bluemix Cloud Platform, collaborating with Watson Health and building digital health chatbots.

Being in the digital health space for over 15 years, even back when it was called Health IT, has instilled the urge in us for new innovations and products that will disrupt the market. We test them to make sure that not only are they safe, but that they are truly shaping the future. Then we support our efforts by introducing it to our clients and partners.
 Summer in the Clouds

Not long ago (actually just a month back), we held our first joint exclusive event with IBM for our clients, partners, and fellow disruptors where we talked about the use of the Cloud in digital health. It went so well that we decided to throw an even bigger event at Runway (Twitter building) in just two weeks from now – June 27th at 6pm. We will show you how to set up a chatbot in 15 minutes and share with you some valuable insights and reports about the state of affairs in the healthcare space together with our partners from IBM.

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Some of the insights are already online such as the new report titled “Chatbots: Retail, eCommerce, Banking & Healthcare 2017-2022,” that estimates that chatbots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022, which is a huge increase from the $20 million estimated for this year. (BTW – we will show you how to build chatbots quickly and easily in less than 15 mins, with no machine learning experience required.)
We will also share some use cases in healthcare. There will be select case studies from Vicert’s portfolio of working with large payers and providers, that will showcase our ability to leverage our knowledge with disruptors as well as established players in the industry to come up with innovative solutions to a variety of industry problems. IBM will also present their innovative and may we say “amazing” case studies from precision health, digital health, cognitive tech, etc.
Elaborating on the competitive advantage in the market that could be achieved by innovating with cognitive computing technologies is unnecessary because the impact is just that obvious. And most of you have probably flirted with the idea of a new R&D project that could actually open a completely new revenue stream for your company or accelerate the product. We must encourage you that now is the right time for healthcare to embrace this technology. There are a lot of experts tackling the idea of chatbots in healthcare in their articles (7 best articles on this topic curated by Paul Boutin), as well as AI and machine learning. Healthcare is changing rapidly and our job is to cultivate it and make sure that the change is secure.
And of course, it is not just about chatbots, (it is after all just one of the buzzwords for this health-focused summer), we encourage the use of blockchain technology that has proven compatible with the data security and interoperability aspect of healthcare. Some amazing articles really inspire such as Forbes’ Does Blockchain Have A Place In Healthcare?
If you want to skip reading one more article on top of all the newsletters you are tracking and prefer face to face conversations, then it is probably best to visit our event and network with the like-minded experts and executives from the field:  

Read more about the event, speakers and technologies that will be presented here: Eventbrite

Looking forward to meeting you at the event or maybe even at the AI in Healthcare conference? Drop us a line if you will be there – would be great to have some coffee with our CEO and Director of Engagements!

Author: Gabrielle Davis
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