April 23, 2021

How to Implement Agile Methodologies in Outsourcing Engagement Models

Agile methodologies have backed our processes and allowed us to outsource engagement models long before the whole world switched to working outside of the office. Our teams are now sharing knowledge with other partners and clients who want to level up in managing long-distance teams and projects while working on developing digital health solutions.

Agile response on disruptions

Key characteristics of Agile organizations are their speed, resilience, and adaptability. As such, organizations that use Agile methodologies are very well adapted to the reprioritization necessary when needing to respond quickly to dramatic changes — be they internal, or external. They can accomplish this smooth reprioritization by including customer-centricity in all of their processes, delayering and empowering the organization, and marrying IT and business.

McKinsey has recently shown that teams that have used Agile have been able to continue work through the pandemic almost without a hitch, especially when compared to their non-Agile counterparts who struggled with the transition to WFH, reprioritizing work, and finding new paths to productivity.

In order to improve processes over time, companies need to first establish them and then measure their impact. However, measuring the success and impact of development is a complex process, and figuring out the proper KPIs and searching for how to be better in each iteration is not always straightforward. Methodologies are usually not fully applicable in engagements where two (or more) companies share various roles on a mutual project.

The main risks, such as blurry success plans, scope uncertainty, lack of proper architecture design, and bad development practices, derive from different company cultures, different working methodologies, and unclear business goals. 

Vicert’s take on outsourcing engagement models

Vicert has successfully developed more than 300 solutions while working remotely and has thus gathered extensive expertise in Agile. To help you on your journey, we created a special white paper on implementing Agile methodologies in outsourcing engagement models. In this paper you will learn:

  • How to measure the success and impact of development
  • How to define KPIs in outsourcing engagement models
  • How to apply Agile methodologies and implement engagement best practices

Vicert White paper Implementing Agile methodologies in outsourcing engagement models


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Author: Dev Team
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