From mHealth to Connected Health – not just a name changer! (but a game changer?)

This year we decided that visiting partners and clients on the East Coast was not enough for us given all the activity springing up there, so after being contacted by the Personal Connected Health Alliance we are thrilled to come back to Washington D.C. this year – this time as a sponsor.

The Connected Health Conference offered us cutting edge sessions with innovative companies participating and attending and a truly proactive setting perfect for tackling a number of the industry’s complexities.

Connected Health Conference

mHealth is dead. Long Live mHealth!

At Health 2.0 in late September we discussed the term mHealth, its expiration date and what would be its successor. It is obvious of course, don’t get us wrong, that mobile users are growing by the minute, but they are also switching devices, not being sticking to just one channel (we wrote a bit about multichannel use of healthcare products in our previous blog). But why is mHealth so overdue since the numbers of devices, wearables, mobile users, etc. are multiplying? What is the solution? PCHA delivered us the answer with a red ribbon – Connected Health.

What is fresh on the Agenda!

We couldn’t help but notice – there is no lunch break! You’ve been warned… But don’t be alarmed.

Here are a couple of places we picked that should satisfy our energy and hunger cravings after a long conference day:

  • Maybe visit Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar and enjoy the show? According to reviews: “Teams of pianists take audience requests at this show bar with a pub-fare menu”.
  • For those who feel like staying inside – you can order pizza from Fiorella.
  • If by some crazy chance you are up for a 30 minute drive ( but totally worth the experience!) explore Eastern European Balkan cuisine by visiting Ambar and order SARMA! Trust us on this one 😉.

Local folks – please feel free to recommend places as well.

Back to the agenda…

This year the organizers put great effort in bringing in [key note] speakers that will certainly peak our curiosities, share their experiences and best practices and provide insights into connected health adoption and implementation.

The conference will try to cover many challenges troubling digital health practitioners, and we’re expecting speakers to address them during thought-provoking sessions.  Here are some of the hand-picked sessions that we found particularly interesting:

  • Personal Connected Health for All: Expanding Reach, Accelerating Impact

Surely, we’ll be there – this one epitomises the conference mission. We’re looking forward to hearing about how technology has changed the way people take control of their health and well-being (sounds like a teaser for a good sci-fi movie).

  • Rock Stars of Connected Health Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a serious issue for digital health organizations. That’s why we’re excited to see leading IT executives, CISOs and CMOs address these issues and share their strategies for attack and data breach prevention, secure medical records, as well as authentication and telemedicine. A while ago we wrote about the threats in the healthcare cyber space and the topic is obviously as fresh as ever.

  • Wearables & Things + EXO Summit

According to the agenda The Wearables & Things session will deal with device, platform and app publishers and other tech leaders who will share their success stories, failures, product demos and more. We are looking forward to hearing about the latest integrations and multi platforms out there. In our blog you can read about our own latest effort regarding How to integrate multiple Wellness devices using Human API.  

  • Connected Health Pavilion Presentations

A Healthcare Ecosystem in Our Patients’ Pockets

Enthusiastic to see a patient-centric approach with the right use of mobile, web, and IoT technologies. We’ve written on a similar topic in our blog post Apps vs Providers – Why only 2% of patients are using hospital-provided mobile apps? – we’re sure the session will give us a different angle on the topic!

Interoperability: Standardization Doesn’t Solve the Interface Problem…Or Does It?

We cannot afford to miss this one since listening to HL7 sharing their experiences on achieving interoperability always hits the right chord in our hearts.

Tailored and Interactive Text Messaging to Engage and Activate Patients

Looking forward to gaining new insights on secure messaging. Paige Mantel with mPulse Mobile will share her experiences from mPulse and Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) collaboration for more member engagement. You can view our take on safe texting here.

Humanizing the Digital Experience in Healthcare

A no-brainer for everyone living the value-based care dream!

The Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare Revolution

We are definitely interested to find out more on security in the IoT era, given the concerns it raises.  We are eager to dig a bit deeper, so we hope they will come up with  ideas on how to leverage IoT in the right way, without compromising security.

Something sweet for the end, we will be bringing Ghirardelli’s chocolates from our headquarters in San Francisco – so be sure to say hi to us it will be a sweet introduction 😉

Don’t forget…
Networking! Let’s meet, even if there is not an opportunity to work together, an exchange of ideas could be mutually beneficial. Our CEO Voja Lalich and COO David Schoch will be present at the conference so if you are a digital health app developer it might be more than useful to meet with them on the spot.


Author: Sofija Drecun
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