Voice Response Unit (VRU)

Business Service Interface layer providing data to the IVR system tripled the overall performance


Our client has identified a need
to modify and improve their IVR
system by implementing a new
VXML application that should provide
a wide range of online services for
members, producers and providers.

This new VXML application should
essentially provide the same
information available on the client’s
websites but in a limited form (due to
IVR limitations).


Vicert’s responsibilities for the VRU
project can be grouped into two top level tasks:
1. BSI-API Design
2. BSI-API Implementation

BSI-API serves as the contract
between the IVR application and the
backend. It’s interfaces are exposed
via Plain Old Java Objects (POJO).

Main features that the BSI-API
provides are:
• WPR Data Retrieval
• RightFax Integration
• Sigaba Integration
• MTM Data Collection

The APIs implement the business
logic required for various
transactions that the system should
provide, such as data access.


The application provides a user
experience that creates a new level of
excellence in the healthcare industry.
Our client improved their service with
more ports to handle traffic, enhanced
reliability and higher performance.

The solution improved consistency for
different groups (providers, members,
etc.) and through different channels
(IVR and Web).

Caller interactions improved from:
• Adding new functionalities
• Adding speech for a more natural
• Improving the structure
• Improving the quality of the