SAML Foundational Project

Empowered the client’s members to share their experiences and opinions about their doctors by 120% while reducing the bounce rate by 54%.


A mandate from the Blue Cross Blue
Shield Association (“BSBSA”) was to
allow all authenticated Blue
members to write reviews on Blue
providers across the country.

A prerequisite for this was another
mandate from BCBSA – Plan Member
Authentication (“PMA”). PMA meant
that Blue plans had to be able to
send a member token that identifies
a member with each submitted
review. This member token had to be
passed as a Security Assertion
Markup Language (“SAML”) token for
security purposes. While our client
has previously implemented SAML in
limited areas, the PRP and PMA
projects brought the challenge of
implementing a cloud-based SAML
solution for our client’s website.


Solution had to be implemented in
such a way to serve as a foundational
element for all future projects and
solutions that will have to leverage
various aspects of the SAML – based
communication and services.

Delivery of the SAML nonproduction,
pre-production and
production infrastructure included
the design artifacts, the build and
deployment components and the
operational support model.

Providing an adequate knowledge
transfer between the build team and
the operational support teams.
Deployment of the PMA project.
Development of a repeatable engage
process for future efforts leveraging
the SAML protocol.


The SAML Foundational project
was strategically aligned with the
mandate portfolio where the technical
infrastructure is to be leveraged in
future mandates and SSO integration

This project has introduced the ongoing
use of industry security standards for
subsequent SSO implementations.