Portfolio Tracking Tool

Systematic tracking of portfolio changes allowed for eliminating errors, reducing manual processes, increasing overall efficiency and the accuracy of output data


Our client has identified a large
business need within the mid/large
product and marketing teams for the
centralized repository to track
portfolio benefit and blueprint
changes over time and automate
input of this information into
matrices, blueprints and cycle
benefits collateral.

This information was not stored in
one place and could only be found
through reviewing email threads and
multiple versions of Excel and MS
Word documents. They were
manually updated, one at a time,
making it a very time consuming
activity with great potential for user
errors and omissions.


Vicert produced a clearly defined
architecture, including the database
design and development plan for the

Main features of the solution:
• Identifying and reporting on
current benefits
• Identifying, tracking and reporting
on changes to benefits, footnotes
and other blueprint items
• Creating outputs that compare
benefits across multiple plans and
across multiple benefits within one
• Facilitating entering changes
across multiple plans and creating
new plans
• Integration with Microsoft Word
and Excel to automatically produce
various product and marketing


Increased efficiencies from the reduction
of manual processes and less need for
stakeholder review of the benefits and
footnotes entered into the cycle collateral.
Eliminated the error prone process of
maintaining email chains and various
Excel and MS Word documents.
Improved accuracy of the output data.
The accuracy of the matrices and
blueprint output are critical since
changes to the benefit information that
they document communicate out to
regulators, producers, employers and
members, while at the same time define
the rules for claim payments.