Pharmacy and Drug Formulary FDB

Operational costs reduced significantly by decreasing the number of pharmacy-related calls to member services.


Our client decided to improve the
pharmacy section of their online
member portal by replacing existing
formulary data with the First Data
Bank (FDB) drug database, adding the
ability to search an exhaustive drug
database and check drug interactions.
The company wanted a custom-built
web solution, which required
customization of the FDB drug
database, matching old formulary data
with FDB drug data and building
necessary links between the drug
database and available insurance
plans in order to show accurate
coverage information to the members.


Vicert provided a clearly defined
architecture and development plan
for the solution. Added functionalities
• Consumer and member views of
formulary and copay info
• Shell scripts for automating the
FDB database import/update process
• Administrative portal for complete
drug database administration


The client gained an effective drug
database solution fully customized to
their health tech needs. The solution
allows precise drug information and
copay values to be served to all of the
portal members.
Administrative functionality was built
in a way so that a clinical pharmacist
can easily maintain the formulary data.