Personal Health Network Solution

Analysis and consulting services to improve existing solution, led to removal of two major security threats


The client identified a need to
reevaluate the current state and
capabilities of their existing app. The
reevaluation needed to include all
aspects of the system from the
technology stack and application
architecture, through the quality of
implementation, to the hosting and
operational support.

The main goal was to determine
whether the system is optimal and to
identify potential points of
improvements both regarding the
quality but also regarding the cost
and efficiency of the hosting and the
operational support.


We reviewed and evaluated the
following areas of the system:
Application architecture; Technology
stack; Code base; Hosting
configuration; Operations including
the development and deployment
Deliverables at the end of the
engagement were:
1. A document presenting the
results of the conducted
2. Proposal for the upgrade of
the existing solution, that
would improve the overall
system, making it more
scalable and significantly
reduce maintenance cost.


We recognized major security threats in
using deprecated version of framework
for frontend, as well as retired
components in the backend service
architecture, offering a solution as to how
to improve the security but also migrate
to a better system architecture that would
allow better scalability.

We constructed a proposal on how to
allow an unimpeded implementation of
the new solution with full velocity while
still having the current solution in limited
KLO mode, with only critical updates
applied to it.

We recommended adopting microservice
architecture for easier horizontal scaling
and better development experience and
process scaling.