Personal Health App Marketplace

Online marketplace for mobile applications curated and reviewed by Physicians


The client identified a need to reimplement
the existing application
in their portfolio of products, which
was based on the outdated project
code base and superseded by the
mHealth application, using a
different technology stack.

The application in question
represented a platform that enables
users to discover, try, and manage
their applications for a balanced
living. Built as an online marketplace
that provides personalized
recommendations to help users find
and discover certified applications
reviewed and curated by a team of


We decided to use the existing
solution as a mockup for the new
version, migrating the technology
stack from .NET to Node.js and

The main goal was to upgrade and
expand the existing solution, adding
the option of multi-tenancy with a
point and click customization and
configuration options for each

The new app would have the search
option based on keyword, as well as
an application list filtering based on
the application category and
subcategory, based on the rating
within the category and based on
the application device, as well as by
name, rating, developer, certification
status and points.


The 2.0 solution was made more scalable,
not just in terms of onboarding a larger
number of users, but making it easier to
add new features to the tool.

Additionally, the new solution introduced
a completely new business model on top
of existing features. Now the solution has
the option to host multiple tenants,
making the customization and
configuration of the tool available to each
of them.

Moreover, the solution was much faster,
with a user-centric design and better