Performance Management of Health Professionals

Analysis and design of an HR tool to be built for health professionals that would generate proposals for improvement


After careful consideration of how to
improve the local health system, our
client identified a need for a tool that
would enable implementation of
performance management as a
generator of ideas for improvement
so that later it could be implemented
in the learning path.

Having in mind the extremely
the stressful environment of health
professionals, especially in the
provisioning of healthcare, a solution
that would monitor their
performance needs to be carefully
setup so it does not interfere with
their daily work but allows the
mapping of workflows that would
point to potential improvement


Three parties were involved in
coming up with the action plan: the
client, our partner consultants and us
as an IT partner.

After careful review and evaluation of
the scope of the project together
with the consultants, we realized a
need to build a web and mobile
application with two parts:
performance management and a
learning module.

The solution would include the
following elements: the
authentication, role-based
authorization, registration and other
elements of the application security.
Application architecture will be
designed using next-generation
lightweight frameworks based on
Java which will make it light for


Our client recognized the benefit of
consulting with Industry and Health Tech
experts before defining the scope of the

By investing more time in this phase, our
client was able to get the proof of concept
for their idea, and valuable insight from all

Implementing user-centric design and
spending additional time in the analysis
process will increase the adoption rate of
the tool.