Patient Registration App With EHR integration

Increased the completion of the registration process of new users from below 30 to over 90%.


Our client identified a need for a
modern, user-friendly app for
registering new patients. They
already offered both an online
registration form and a
downloadable PDF form used for
offline submission, but the client
wanted a new approach that was
much simpler and more accessible
for patients, their responsible party,
and facility personnel.
In addition, all the information
gathered through the current
registration process was manually
entered into the EHR system.
The client wanted to remove this
manual step and have the data
loaded into the EHR system


Create a new application that will
enable patients, their responsible
party, and facility personnel to
complete the patient registration (i.e.
enter and submit all necessary
patient information). Some of the
elements built into the app are
authentication, role-based
authorization, registration and other
elements of the application security.
The application architecture was
designed using next-generation
lightweight frameworks based on
Java. Restful API implemented with
Spring Boot as the backend of the
application and web interface with
ReactJS framework.


The application provided the client a more
user friendly onboarding process with an
EHR integration. This enabled the client to
not only shorten the process time by 50
percent, but also improved the
quality/better verification of the entered
information. The application is able to
process images of a limited number of
different insurance cards in order to
automate entry of that segment of data
(instead of users having to manually enter
all the data).