Patient Monitoring Mobile App for Clinicians

A flexible, scalable, and secure solution with a fully-integrated HIPAA-compliant backend enabled physicians and their care teams to proactively react to “abnormal” events - thus significantly improving quality of care and patient satisfaction


Our client decided to develop a new mobile app to be used by physicians and their care teams to monitor events concerning their patients, and to react to those events in real time.

The app was originally a notification system, but then pivoted towards being more expandable, and supporting integrations with EHR, order entry, and pharmacy systems later on.


Some of the events to be included in the data feeds (i.e. streams) were the following:
● Inpatient and/or ED admits and discharges
● Rx filled by a doctor other than the PCP
● Abnormal lab values
● Request for immediate consultation Aside from an aggressive timeline, one of the key requests was ensuring full HIPAA compliance and protection of all protected health information used by the application.


The discovery phase of our project-planning brought alignment between the business needs and the technological solution, through conversations with our client to make sure we deeply understood their business needs, and proceeded with a clear, robust idea of the scope of the project.

We worked closely with a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and UX experts to prioritize features in order to provide the greatest business value first.

The following features were selected for implementation:
● Retrieving active and cumulative stream entries
● Displaying active and cumulative stream entries with appropriate icons and flags
● Displaying all stream entries for an individual member selected by a user
● Retrieving and displaying related details (e.g. medication data) when a user clicks on the stream entry
● The delegation functionality, triggered by a user swiping left or right on a stream entry, if a delegation option was available for that specific entry With project goals clearly defined, Vicert created a native iOS application that communicated with the HIPAA-compliant backend through a protected REST API. Multiple levels of security were implemented, starting from the authentication, through the integration with the backend, to the removal of any cached data containing PHI/PII from the device at logout. The app was fully covered by the unit tests built using the XCTest and OCMock frameworks.


We delivered the native iOS application, backend functionality, integration interfaces, all fully tested and ready for production deployment in less than 45 days. Vicert created a mobile solution that is flexible, scalable, and secure, and integrated with a fully HIPAA-compliant backend product.

We were able to offer a high-performance application from the start, so any future scaling would be easy to do. Physicians and their care teams can now proactively react to “abnormal” events, thus significantly improving quality of care and patient satisfaction.