Patient Monitoring Mobile App for Clinicians

The Streams App offers physicians a convenient, handheld snapshot of their patient population, with new information about their patients at a glance: new lab results, emergency room visits, hospitalizations and more


Streams native iOS mobile app was
created to allow physicians and their
care teams to monitor and proactively
react to events concerning their
patients in real time.

With the initial goal to provide just
basic notifications, the app had to be
expandable to support integrations
with the EHR, order entry,
and pharmacy systems.

Aside from an aggressive timeline, one
of the key requests was ensuring full
HIPAA compliance and protection of
all protected health information used
by the application.


• Vicert engaged with the client to
first, evaluate the business needs
expressed in the requirements and
assure there is full clarity of the
scope and alignment between the
business needs and the technology
solution. Once the alignment was
confirmed, we worked closely
with a multi-disciplinary team
of clinicians and UX experts to
prioritize the features in order to
provide the greatest business value
• With project goals clearly defined,
and delivered a native iOS
application, backend functionality
and integration interfaces, fully
tested and ready for production
deployment in less than 45 days.

• To meet the aggressive timeline,
mitigate risks and assure required
privacy compliance, we chose to
leverage the platform
and use its secure, HIPAAcompliant back-end product
exposed through their REST API.
This enabled us to:

  • Reduce complexity
  • Shorten development time
  • Reduce high costs
  • Simplify the hosting
  • Expedite the quality
    assurance process

• We added multiple levels
of security starting from
authentication through the
integration with a fully HIPAA-compliant back-end, to the
removal of any cached data
containing PHI/PII from the device
on logout.


Vicert created a mobile solution
that is flexible, scalable and secure,
and integrated with the fully HIPAAcompliant back-end product.
We were able to offer a highperformance application from the
start so future scaling should be
Building a secure health care
application is complicated and can
be expensive; integrating with the
Catalyze platform provides a shortcut
to top-notch security and privacy
compliance.Improved quality and
customer satisfaction