Patient Intake and Scheduling Portal

Enhanced the overall care management system by increasing the core product’s information exchange speed and simplifying processes


Our client needed an application for patient intake and appointment scheduling.

Their core business is an AI-based system responsible for the independent processing and diagnosing of certain conditions and diseases.

In order to support their core product, they needed to build a system for scheduling patient appointments and presenting exam results to the patients afterward.

From the integration perspective, there was a need to integrate with two systems from the portal:

  • The telehealth provider — a system where doctors would review a patient’s order and decide if a patient was eligible for an exam
  • The core system — the creation of an order when the patient is eligible for an exam, and retrieving exam results once the exam is finished


Our solution had three parts:

  • User-facing web application
  • Backend API to handle all the business logistics
  • Worker nodes for asynchronous processing

The user-facing application was built with patients in mind to guide them through all the steps necessary to capture all the required information and schedule an appointment. The app was built with security in mind, so it incorporates JWT web tokens for authentication.

We used React as a framework for developing with a mobile-first approach for ease of use on users’ mobile phones.

The backend API was built using the .NET Core framework and hosted on the AWS cloud. Its purpose is to handle all the logic that the patient portal application offers, including authentication and role-based authorization.

Worker nodes are meant to fulfill the need for asynchronous processing tasks that don’t require user interaction. 

These tasks are primarily sending email notifications and integrations with third-party services. They are built as .NET Core Lambda functions hosted on the AWS.

The result is a HIPAA-compliant patient intake and scheduling solution with data encryption.



The patient intake app and scheduling solution expanded our client’s core product.

This addition brought with it several enhancements:

  • It simplified the process of getting appropriate health care when a person needs one.
  • It reduces the time and effort in scheduling an appointment and eliminates possible errors.
  • The overall care management system is enhanced through the increased speed of information exchange.