Hospital Facilities Contracting Application

Reduced resources needed for the contracting process by sixfold.


Our client identified a need to build
an online contract management
application based on the existing
Access modules.
The purpose of this application is to
be a single-source processing aid for
the facility claim processors and to
replace a need to review and
interpret complicated hospital
contracts in a series of complex and
only partially automated steps.


Step 1 – Detailed System Design
Vicert prepared this document that
included a complete functional
prototype that enabled the BSC
team to further analyze business
modeling within the application
Step 2 – Application Development
The new application centralizes every
aspect of the contracting process
into one easily accessible, online


• The application streamlines the
contracting process, making human
resource operations more efficient,
thus reducing the organization’s
workload for contractors and
• Retrieval, storage and maintenance
of all hospital contracts in various
locations is less time consuming
and more efficient
• Eliminated issues with multiple
users in the Access application and
increased productivity for the client