Hospital Facilities Contracting Application

Reducing workload for contractors and approvers, and increasing productivity


Our client identified a need to build an online contract management application based on the existing Access modules, which could streamline the contracting process and create a centralized, easily accessible, online location.

The purpose of this application is to be a single-source processing aid for the facility claim processors and to replace the need to review and interpret complicated hospital contracts in a series of complex and only partially-automated steps.

Hospital Facilities Contracting App


Step 1 – System Design

  • Detailed analyses of the existing
    (Access) solution, and reverse
    engineering of that solution into the
    Feature Specification documenting all
    functionalities of the new app to be
  • Designing a new solution following
    best practices in all areas, from the
    UX/UI to the application security, and
    documenting solution details in a
    Technical Design document
  • Creating a completely functional
    prototype that enabled the client’s
    team to further analyze

Step 2 – Application Development

  • Using the prototype as a starting point,
    Vicert developed an application that
    centralized every aspect of the
    contracting process into one easily
    accessible online location.
  • The development followed predefined
    coding standards and enforced
    security constraints defined during the
    design phase.


  • The application streamlines the contracting
    process, making human resource operations more
    efficient, thus reducing the organization’s workload
    for contractors and approvers.
  • As such, the retrieval, storage and maintenance of
    all hospital contracts in various locations is less
    time-consuming and more efficient.
  • Our app also eliminated issues with multiple users
    in the Access application, thus increasing
    productivity for the client.