Healthwise Content Integration

Made a migration from one content management system to a better one in less than 8 weeks


Our client identified a need to
provide their community and
members with indexed, actionoriented web content, tools and
resources for both self- care and
condition self-management.

After a detailed vendor assessment,
Healthwise was selected as the
vendor of choice. Healthwise is
widely considered to be the gold
standard in health content. The
client’s contract with the Mayo Clinic
was ending and new vendor content
needed to be integrated into the site
by the end of the contract.


We developed a sophisticated
presentation layer for XML to HTML
content conversion with an
emphasis on processing speed.

Vicert implemented the process for
Healthwise data collection, then
accommodated this content with
the existing Blue Shield data
structure and finally applied the
appropriate presentation layer to
allow content browsing.


• Our client is now able to offer its
members, prospects and site visitors the
best in class ̋health content and also with
added efficiency to the health content
management process.
• The reading, transformation and storage
of the complete set of Healthwise content
(around 14,000 files) takes less than 30
• Vicert was able to leverage its extensive
experience in ATG and Java to complete
this project in less than 8 weeks.