Group Implementation and Renewal Tool

Our web-based app with a single data source lowered administrative and production costs, while simultaneously improving output quality, membership retention, and growth


The primary challenge our client wanted to address was a fragmented, extensively manual departmental process used to move employer groups from sales prospects to installed clients. The nature of this process significantly influenced the level of administrative effort, cycle time, and quality of work.

It also had a negative impact on broker retention, staff morale, and overall customer satisfaction within the broker and employer groups.

Consequently, the top and bottom lines were impacted by higher production costs, increased customer service costs, missed sales, and renewal opportunities.



We built a web-based tool with a single data source in the background.

This means that all participants in the process use identical data that has only been entered once. All users of the app are uniquely identified and authenticated before gaining access.

Access rights for specific data and functionalities are determined based on users’ department and role i.e. their job functions.

Instead of moving a request in the form of an Excel document back and forth, with the possibility that multiple, inconsistent versions are created, all of the users involved have access to the same app.

Each of the groups/departments involved is able to locate the appropriate request and do its part in the process – enter, change or review data, generate reports needed, and download any necessary documents.

Multiple users are enabled to work on the same implementation/renewal request simultaneously. The time for each task is shortened, with increased accuracy and consistency, all while preserving data integrity. Each and every data change performed within the app is associated with an appropriate tracking record (change/user/timestamp). The app provides all the relevant reporting, from request information and status to various statistics


Administrative and production costs are lowered by:

  • Eliminating extraneous and confusing data
  • Reducing re-work due to errors
  • Eliminating redundant data-entry at renewal
  • Eliminating revalidation of the request data at multiple steps of the process
  • Eliminating manual hand-offs between functional groups


The app also improved output quality, increased membership growth and retention, and improved customer satisfaction by:

  • Significantly reducing group sales and renewal cycle times
  • Improving broker perception of the client’s enrollment capabilities
  • Driving performance levels to exceed competitive benchmarks
  • Establishing quality checkpoints throughout the process