Find a Provider App

A user-centric solution that connects patients to their providers, and empowers businesses by limiting the need for code changes


Our client identified the strength of their network as a key competitive advantage.

However, the tool they had in place allowing members to find doctors was poorly designed and had performance issues, leading to a high abandonment rate. Members had a difficult time both figuring out which doctors were in their network, and determining their availability. 

The overall design assumed that members had a fairly high level of understanding of the healthcare landscape.

Technically, the application was architected in such a way that made maintenance difficult to perform, which created a deterioration in application performance and caused enhancement cycles to be unnecessarily long.

Find a Provider App


As a first step, Vicert created a responsive single-page functional mockup that met the latest web standards. The technology stack used was Node.js/Express.js.

We also re-architected the application to easily expand and reuse key functionalities. 

For additional improvements to the user experience, Vicert proposed a personalized user interface for prospects, doctors, and members. 

We implemented an improved UI based on user type: prospect, member, or provider, creating a multi-channel experience for our client to provide to their users. 

With this approach we were able to fulfill specific needs of each user group.

The search capabilities were both simplified, and made more intuitive with the addition of a predictive capability, providing the desired results based on the user’s medical history. 

As the final step, and based on the legacy application development efforts, Vicert designed the new application administration section to significantly reduce the need for code changes within the new application, putting the power in the hands of the business unit.



The cost to maintain the application was significantly reduced by decreasing the dependency on IT to make code changes.
This also increased the speed to market. 


With performance in mind from the start, Vicert was able to create an application with the ability to address the client’s future needs. We also brought response times in line with the expectations of their members who have become accustomed to the near-instant results from the likes of Google and Amazon, helping bring the client’s user experience well into the Digital Health era.