Employer Self Service (ESS) Portal

Action-oriented web content, tools and resources for self-care and condition self-management


A major health insurance company
identified a need to add an Employer
Self Service feature to their pre
existing Employer Connection Portal.
The necessary features include:
• Activation Management
• Maintain Access Rights
• Maintain Employer Rights
• Employer Registration and Login
• An Employer Group Roster
• Self-Service Member Transactions


In the project phase one Vicert created
a technical architecture document
detailing the complete system design.
In the project phase two Vicert
implemented the solution by
developing three major subsystems of
the portal:
1. Security
Provides all user administration
functionalities while maintaining access
rights such as activation, registration,
login and delegation.
2. Employer Group Roster
Provides the ability to view the
employee roster through an online
display of current employees and
historical data, enabling users to
search, sort and print their roster.
3. Self-Service Transactions
Provides the ability to initiate a
transaction to conduct, add changes
and delete employees within an
employer group.


• Guided Architecture and Design
The client’s first major solution utilizing
the Spring/Hibernate software platform.
• Improved Features and Quality
Online self-service capabilities made
available to all employers and
• Employer Validation
Online eligibility and benefits for group
• Single Sign-On capability
Allows users to navigate other employer
related applications, including those
hosted internally and externally by