Cloud Based Data Warehouse (HIPAA)

Designing a data warehousing solution that provides a single source of truth for all data


Our client has identified a need for a
solution that would act as a Data
Warehouse (DW) and single source
of truth for the observational data
gathered in the different queries
performed by another tool they were
using but were not pleased with.

Until now they gathered information
from three different sources while
having historical data as a set of data
files. The process was done manually
by copying data to a local machine
and running data manipulation
scripts. This was error prone and time
consuming. This created a risk to
data integrity, a possible compliance
gap, divergent data sets (no single
source of truth), and a data silo
inaccessible to all teams.


We designed a solution that would
provide a single source of truth for all
data, with the system that logs all
changes to the data and track code
changes. The solutions was designed
to run on the cloud without a need
for on premise infrastructure.
The top-level scope of the new
solution was to:

• Design the DW for the RA USA
registry so that adding other
registries in the future is supported,
• Include historical RA data
migration into the warehouse, and
• Include logic so that the switchover from
current data sources could be performed.


• The automated process would reduce
risk of human errors and latency of

• The solution was designed to easily keep
track of the regulatory and make changes
towards reaching the compliancy

• The client was able to process all
historical data and leverage them in
further research

• We implement a concept of continuous
delivery in the design of the solution so
that long-term the client would have the
setup to reduce the cost, time and the risk
of delivering changes to the solution’s
environment with a possibility to easily
add more environments in the future.