Care Monitoring and Communication Solution for Providers and Caregivers

Protocol solution for communicating clinical information reduced number of calls and faxes by 85% saving substantial amount of working hours a month.


Our client identified a need for a
modern, user-friendly app for
communicating clinical information
from an assisted care facility to a
medical practice. Currently, facility
personnel and medical practices are
spending a lot of time on
communication. The important goal
for this project is to reduce number of
calls and faxes our client receives every

The client together with partners
developed a set of protocols, in a form
of documents, which are used to
communicate patients’ change of
condition. The protocols were further
simplified to optimize and enable
more efficient data gathering process.


We created a new mobile application
that will enable client’s personnel to
gather protocol information and a
web application front-end that will
enable administrative personnel to
review the protocol data and notify
the appropriate clinician based on the
urgency of situation.

App security included token based
authentication schema. API
architecture was designed using
next-generation lightweight
frameworks based on Java. Data
gathering process was implemented
using React Native. Application was
deployed on Amazon Cloud.


● We reduced the number of calls
and faxes our client receives by 85%.
● By increasing the speed of
information exchange we
improved overall care
management system.
● The implementation of the new
workflow and communication
protocols save a substantial amount
of working hours to the client’s personnel.