ATG Framework Migration to Open Source Software

Extreme cost reduction by eliminating licensing costs of the proprietary platform.


Our client made a strategic decision
to move the code base of its web
portals away from the proprietary
ATG framework and to other
solutions. After careful deliberation,
the selected target architecture was
one using the open-source solution
based on Spring and Hibernate/JPA.
Two years long transition brought
many challenges. Not only those
originating from the sheer size of the
effort and time constraints imposed
by discontinuation of support for the
technology components, but also
those challenges related to
synchronizing all project activities
with regular maintenance and other
projects ongoing in parallel.


In the beginning, we conducted a
detailed analysis of the existing code
and clearly defined the development
approach and objectives. We
mitigated risks early on by
identifying possible problems and
designing solution patterns so that
development was executed
smoothly later on.
The project was divided into two
Project Phase 1 – Upgrades and rewrite of Data Layer
Project Phase 2 – Replacement of
remaining ATG elements and code


Elimination of $100K in annual licensing
costs for the proprietary ATG platform
after the web portals were migrated to an
open source solution.
All of the key tech components were
upgraded with the biggest impact having
a switch to IBM WebSphere 7, which is
saving $50K/year in legacy support costs
and using IBM HTTP Server instead of
The new platform lay the foundation for
delivering new capabilities that were in
line with the client’s enterprise strategy.
The refactored code is more readable and
Mingle is used as a single source of truth
for all requirements, improving the
efficiency of the whole SDLC.